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Hacks I

“Bringing the world of technology straight to the next generation of engineers”

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What is ThetaHacks?

To attend our event, it is required to sign up on our website, devpost, and events page.
Have questions? Join our Discord or shoot us an email!

ThetaHacks is a global high-school virtual hackathon occurring from January 15-18, 2021. Anyone of any skill level is free to submit a project that benefits the world around us. Our event is free, with tons of epic swag, events, and more.

During our hackathon, you can form a team of up to 4 people to code anything you want! Attend various workshops and speaker events throughout the long weekend, while hanging out in our (discord) community and getting a ton of free swag. And yes, the more events you attend in our hackathon, the more free swag and merch you get.

What does every attendee receive?

By attending at least two events (see below), every attendee gets tons of FREE swag and merch from our amazing sponsors:

What events do we have?

We have workshops and speaking events scattered throughout the weekend that you can attend to get a break from all the hacking and learn something new. You are allowed to submit what you learned in these events and build off of the projects made during these workshops. It is required to attend at least two events, but we recommend attending as many as possible. Check out our schedule for more info. The more events you attend, the more prizes and free merch you get!


We have various workshops aimed at beginners and experienced hackers alike:

Speaker Events

Along with workshops, we have a few notable speakers attending our event. These events are more laid back:

Games and Mini-Events

Of course, what would a hackathon be without fun! We have a lineup of mini-events planned out. Be sure to join our discord to attend these events:

What prizes do we have?

Along with the long list of free merch attendees get, our hackathon has over $3,000 of prizes (check out our Devpost). We hope everyone submits projects, not only to get our long list of merch, but to also win these prizes. We urge beginners to compete as they can also win some pretty dope awards:

Signing up!

Once again, signing up for our hackathon is free! There is a three step process to signing up: it is required to sign up on our website, devpost, and events page. Signing up on our website allows us to get your info and add you to our newsletter for updates, and signing up on Devpost allows you to submit projects during our event. Also, for every person you tell to sign up for ThetaHacks, you receive a ticket for a raffle to get even more merch!

Diversity goals

As a modern event with modern goals, we strive to achieve diversity in STEM. We are currently working on a partnership with our district’s Girls Who Code chapter, and our speakers and judges are of diverse nationalities and genders.

Our sponsors

Of course, our upcoming event would never have been possible without our sponsors, providing us with the resources to create something for everyone in our event:

Wolfram Language ~ ~ EchoAR ~ Centered ~ HyperX ~ Stickermule ~ Taskade ~ Linode ~ .tech Domains ~ Discord ~ Make School ~ Sublime Text ~ Product Hunt ~ JetBrains ~ Cynderhost ~ Bay Area Hackathons ~ Balsamiq ~ To The Limit Maths ~ OnePassword ~ Hack Club Bank